Property Law:

Real Estate, Commercial and Residential Leases, Inheritance Law, Tenancy Law 

Civil Law:

Road Traffic Accidents, Family Law, Property Law, Personal Data Protection, Real Estate

Criminal Law:

White Collar Crimes, Crimes against life and health (homicide, grievous bodily harm, Crimes against property, Drug law, Tax Offences


“..our goal, is the prompt and efficient resolution of our client’s cases, without unnecessary legal conflicts…”

We operate, with over 30 years of experience, both in litigation and consulting, handling cases of civil and criminal law of physical and legal entities from all over Greece and abroad.

We have represented clients before courts and authorities in complex criminal cases and civil disputes.

Our goal is the prompt and efficient resolution of our client’s cases, without unnecessary legal conflicts.

Our team is distinguished by its rich court practice experience, excellent qualification at the highest academic level, passion, and diligence in dealing with each case.

Konstantinos D. Mineopoulos

Our History

– 1995, Launching

In March 1995 we founded our firm. Since the foundation of the office, our objective has been the immediate and effective resolution of our clients’ cases, without unnecessary legal battles and unnecessary court costs.

– 2016, Legal support via Microsoft Teams

Our firm now offers the possibility of online appointments via Teams for residents outside Athens. Call us at +30 210 62 00993 to inquire about this service or send us an email at

– 2017, New address in Nea Ionia

Our offices, since September 2017, are located in Nea Ionia, at 330 Heraklion Avenue.

– 2018, Find us on Social Media

You can now find us and contact us through our Facebook page.


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  • Specialisation

    Our office provides general legal services, but with greater specialization in the following areas:

  • Criminal Law

    White Collar Crimes

    Property Crimes 

    Crimes against Life and Health

    Drug Law (trafficking in large or small quantities, criminal organization, private use, etc.)

    Revenge Porn

    Domestic Violence

    Special Criminal Laws (arbitrary acts, animal abuse, violation of personal data, etc.)

  • Civil Law

    – Tenancy Law: residential and commercial

    Real Estate: Real Estate Transactions, Land Registry, Ιnspection of the ownership title at the Land Registry.

    – Heritance Law

    Family Law: Divorce, Alimony, Child Custody, Child Support, Judicial Support.

    – Traffic Accidents



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